Kiley Thomas

Hey Everyone! My name is Kiley Thomas, I’m the creator of A Chance for Change and would love to introduce myself to you! Creating a charity has always been on the top of things I wanted to accomplish. Through chasing many dreams in New York City and then Los Angeles and achieving the basis of everything I set out to do, I realized my ideal perception of what success meant was nothing short of empty without giving to others. I found daily routines mundane and conversations not deep enough to keep me interested.

I wanted my life to be bigger so I traveled to India. This trip would be my first time out of the country and to make it special, I went alone. Through traveling I’d come to learn where I wanted my place to be in life, and having my hand in making the world a better place was it! A Chance for Change was just that for me, and many others. My goal is make sure every child has the same opportunity and through education any dream is possible. I ask from the bottom of my heart for you to join me in supplying school essentials to those in need! Lets make this world a better place for everyone!