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By donating to A Chance for Change, you’ll be a part of educating and inspiring our youth to begin their journey in volunteerism!

Giving and accepting with both humility and dignity between students and donors is the driving force behind A Chance for Change.

We believe in the power of accepting responsibility to meet our neighbors as equals irrespective of life’s circumstances. We know that many of our fellow citizens around the world face barriers to opportunity that limit their ability to thrive, driving our work and creating a sense of humanity and urgency. The average student's supplies cost anywhere between $160-$300 per child every school year. In areas around the world, it can be impossible for parents to provide this for their children. We aim to relieve the financial burden and stress for teachers and parents by making these school supplies accessible, having “build a backpack” events locally to send backpacks full of supplies internationally.

Your donations will provide the supplies listed below, helping us create “build a backpack” events for students to get involved and volunteer in creating A Chance for Change around the globe.

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