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A Chance for Change aims to host a biannual event before the school year, called Build a Backpack.

School Supply lists have become increasingly expensive over the years. For families that have multiple children, the cost of sending kids to school has become a significant expense in a family’s budget. Our goal is to relieve the burden of this cost by providing school supplies to students and parents in a customizable shop where students can pick the supplies they need themselves.

Build a Backpack utilizes access to a school’s gym or auditorium to build sections and tables with specific school supplies and a volunteer at each station. Please see our infographic below which, shows how each student can “shop” for their needed supplies, picking out items in various colors and styles of their choice.

Students will start by choosing a backpack with varying colors for individual choice. They will then move from one supply station to the next, “building a backpack” and picking out school supplies from their classroom list. We hope to lead our community and those around the world by becoming a staple for schools to rely on every year!