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Bridging the gap of inequality, connecting students around the globe by building backpacks for each other.

Our action plan is to have an after-school program set up where we’ll first introduce background information on the country/school we’re helping, include the students they’ll be serving, and create an environment where “Build A Backpack” volunteers can embrace their roles as leaders in our organization and community.

Build a Backpack utilizes access to a school’s gym or auditorium to build sections and tables with specific school supplies and a volunteer at each station.

Students will start by choosing a backpack, they will then move from one supply station to the next, “building a backpack” and picking out school supplies from the classroom checklist. After building a backpack they will (if approved) write a letter and/or create a video introducing themselves to send along with the backpack to our partnering school across the world. We plan on having the receiving students also create a thank you letter and/or video for the volunteers.

We’d like to connect students around the world. Sharing stories of inspiration, achievement, and compassion. We plan to educate students on what’s happening in schools throughout the world and provide them with tools they can use to help.

Creating lasting connections through volunteering they can be proud of.